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01. What Is The Fastest Way To Expand My Spanish Vocabulary?

02. How Many Words Do I Need To Know In Order To Handle Most Everyday Situations In Spanish?

03. Where Can I Find A List Of All The Essential And Most Used Spanish Words I'll Need?

04. What Kinds Of Things Can I Read In Order To Expand My Vocabulary In Spanish?

05. What's The Best Way To Memorize New Spanish Words?

06. How Can I Stop Forgetting The Words I've Already Learned?

Studies prove that although most languages contain more than 100,000 words the active vocabulary of most native speakers is just a few thousand words.

When it comes to learning Spanish the first priority should be to acquire a core vocabulary of 3,000 of the most used words.

It's important that the words you learn are part of the active vocabulary of the language for maximum power and versatility.

This will ensure that you are able to deal with the vast majority of everyday conversational situations you're likely to encounter.

The products on this site are engineered so that you only learn Core, Active Vocabulary.

Not only does this save you from wasting time & energy learning things you don't really need but it also guarantees you'll have the ability to freely express yourself as soon as possible in the language.

Basic Spanish Words And Common Vocabulary

When learning to speak Spanish one of the most important things is to acquire a core vocabulary of around 3,000 of the most commonly used words in the active language. This is normally sufficient to fluently express yourself in most everyday situations.

The first step of vocabulary acquisition is to learn how to quickly transform many of the English words you already know instantly into perfect Spanish. This one technique alone will give you a starting vocabulary of over 2,000 words.

It's easy to do with no word lists, writing down or memorization. Please watch the demonstration video below or check out our YouTube channel

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