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01. What Is The Fastest Way To Expand My Spanish Vocabulary?

02. How Many Words Do I Need To Know In Order To Handle Most Everyday Situations In Spanish?

03. Where Can I Find A List Of All The Essential And Most Used Spanish Words I'll Need?

04. What Kinds Of Things Can I Read In Order To Expand My Vocabulary In Spanish?

05. What's The Best Way To Memorize New Spanish Words?

06. How Can I Stop Forgetting The Words I've Already Learned?

Spanish Vocabulary Genius

Learn How To Transform 1000's Of English Words Instantly Into Spanish With This Super Easy Technique!

spanish box imageThere are thousands of words which are very similar between English and Spanish so when it comes to building up a vocabulary in Spanish it only makes sense to start by learning these closely related words first!

This kind of learning is very different from traditional methods because it's very intuitive.

There's nothing to remember, nothing to write down and nothing to study.

Here's How This Works

We can take a group of English words ending in "ent" like different or permanent and simply by applying one rule it's possible to convert all the words in that group into Spanish.

For English words ending it "ent" all you do is add an "e" onto the end.

So different would become diferente

And permanent would become permanente

Now Here's What's So Great About That

There are actually 108 words in the "ent" group and you just learned how to say all of them in Spanish! For example...

English Spanish
Accident Accidente
Competent Competente
Confident Confidente
Different Diferente
Evident Evidente
Excellent Excelente
Impotent Impotente
Incident Incidente
President Presidente
Resident Residente
Transparent Transparente


Do you see how you didn't have to learn any of those words individually? Once you know the conversion rule all the vocabulary flows automatically like magic!

In Spanish Vocabulary Genius there are 21 categories of English words all just as easy as the example given above. By the time you go through the product you'll have added over 2,000 words to your Spanish vocabulary.

green tick 21 video lessons will show you in detail how to convert each category of words. You'll also be given plenty of examples and opportunities to test yourself so that everything is crystal clear.

green tick A 108 page course book listing all the vocabulary covered in the course is also provided. Use it for future reference or as an easy way to test yourself.

green tick A bonus video showing you how to do the same thing with Spanish verbs! Add 288 verbs to your vocabulary in just 15 minutes with this lesson.

green tick A final test video at the end of the course will double check to make sure that you've understood and absorbed all the information.

100% Money Back Guarantee

I'm so sure of my product that I'm happy to invite you to test drive it for a full 30 days risk free.

Simply go through the course, watch all the videos, and if you don't agree it's one of the best methods for learning Spanish vocabulary you've ever come across simply email me for a full refund, no questions asked.

You can only do this when your product really does do what it says on the tin!

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