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01. What Is The Fastest Way To Expand My Spanish Vocabulary?

02. How Many Words Do I Need To Know In Order To Handle Most Everyday Situations In Spanish?

03. Where Can I Find A List Of All The Essential And Most Used Spanish Words I'll Need?

04. What Kinds Of Things Can I Read In Order To Expand My Vocabulary In Spanish?

05. What's The Best Way To Memorize New Spanish Words?

06. How Can I Stop Forgetting The Words I've Already Learned?

Essential Spanish Verbs

There are only 100 essential verbs in Spanish that students should be concerned about.

If you know them and can use them with the 5 most important tenses then you'll be in an excellent position to freely and fluently express yourself using the Spanish language.

The hard part is not to learn the verbs but rather it's knowing how to manipulate them so they can work for you. That's where this upcoming program can really make a difference. The thing is this... if you understand how to use the verbs then you understand the language. It's that simple.

Verbs are what give the language its structure and backbone.

In this product I'll be lifting the lid off of Spanish verbs once and for all. I believe in communication above all else therefore no time will be wasted on unnecessary things or bogging you down like so many other Spanish courses seem so determine to do!

The priorities for any Spanish learner are simple

1. I want to be able to express myself in Spanish
2. I want to be able to do this fluently
3. I want to understand what people say to me

This the focus of my teaching and the goal is always to accomplish this as quickly and as easily as possible.

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