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01. What Is The Fastest Way To Expand My Spanish Vocabulary?

02. How Many Words Do I Need To Know In Order To Handle Most Everyday Situations In Spanish?

03. Where Can I Find A List Of All The Essential And Most Used Spanish Words I'll Need?

04. What Kinds Of Things Can I Read In Order To Expand My Vocabulary In Spanish?

05. What's The Best Way To Memorize New Spanish Words?

06. How Can I Stop Forgetting The Words I've Already Learned?

What's The Best Way To Memorize New Spanish Words?

How you remember words is important and will depend upon what kinds of words you're learning.

For example, with Spanish Vocabulary Genius where you are learning how to transform 1000's of the English words you already know into Spanish then you really don't have to worry about memorization. Just learn and understand the rules for the different word endings shown and all the related vocabulary will flow automatically.

For core vocabulary it's important to realize that you must make the word part of your deeply learned 'knowledge' in order for it to stick forever. This is best done by learning the word the first time, called initial contact, then revisiting that word at regular intervals in the days that follow so you can re-test yourself. Often you'll find that you've forgotten it and will need to reinforce it once more.

Repeating this process will eventually embed the word into your long term, permanent memory.

This Is The Single Most Powerful Technique You Can Know

One technique which is very useful for remembering Spanish words is to link it visually to clues in your mind. For example if we take the word for "frog" in Spanish it's "rana". So in your mind you could create a picture of "a frog that ran up a drainpipe". Days later when trying to recall the word you don't try and remember the word directly but rather you try and remember the picture you created. That picture will give you clues to where your mind has stored the memory of that word much like a library catalogue and you'll be able to locate it

This is a highly useful technique for recalling vocabulary and one which I've used for years now. It really does increase the number of words you can learn and remember quite significantly.

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