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01. What Is The Fastest Way To Expand My Spanish Vocabulary?

02. How Many Words Do I Need To Know In Order To Handle Most Everyday Situations In Spanish?

03. Where Can I Find A List Of All The Essential And Most Used Spanish Words I'll Need?

04. What Kinds Of Things Can I Read In Order To Expand My Vocabulary In Spanish?

05. What's The Best Way To Memorize New Spanish Words?

06. How Can I Stop Forgetting The Words I've Already Learned?

How Can I Stop Forgetting The Words I've Already Learned?

Aside from using the recall technique I explained in the previous section the easiest way to retain your vocabulary is to find ways to actually use it.

If you learn a new word or a group of 10 words then specifically try to find excuses to use them in sentences. This could in things you say to local in a shop if you're studying abroad or simply to yourself around the house. By putting into action what you've learned you'll reinforce the word and lessen the likelihood that you'll forget it.

Keep a track of the new vocabulary you're acquiring in a note pad or excel spreadsheet. It's important to re-test yourself every few days and to do this on a regular basis. Flash cards are probably my favorite way of testing myself in new vocabulary but you don't necessarily have to have them on your computer. Simply cutting squares of paper like playing cards and writing the Spanish word on one side with the translation on the other will do fine.

One Final Very Important Tip For You

If you're writing to a Spanish pen friend (which I highly recommend you do - there are services online which will help you to find one) then try to find ways to include your new vocabulary in your emails to them. Just be on the lookout for any opportunity that might arise for you to use the new words you're learning and you should see some great results in terms of vocabulary retention.

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